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One of the first steps to healthier hair is to know the signs that indicate that your hair is in trouble. The next step is to seek professional help, such as those offered by A. Michelle Hairstyles. In addition to being a reputable hair salon, they also have a knowledgeable and experienced healthy hair specialist in Columbia, SC.
If your first instinct is to bury damaged hair under hats and scarves, take note. A professional hair dermatologist can suggest better proactive options like various healthy hair treatments. A. Michelle Hairstyles are well-skilled and experienced in providing viable hair loss solutions including cosmetic treatment for hair loss, hair growth as well as healthy hair makeovers. Their hair stylist has been providing services in hair restoration and healthy hair care for years.
Is your hair brittle, dry, thinning, damaged, or falling out? Maybe you have an itchy or scalp? A healthy hair specialist can work with you to get your hair healthy and vibrant looking again. Major hair damaged is caused by using inferior quality products, and using products without following correct instructions for safe use.
There are many ways you can traumatize the hair on your head, through chemical means and mechanically with the overuse of heat-based styling tools. From bleaching to chemical straightening to excessive exposure to extreme elements and rough handling with brushes and towel rubbing, your hair comes under pressure on a daily basis. Treatments can vary from hair care products targeted at stressed out hair, shorter haircuts and styles (allows the hair to air dry), use of microfiber hair towels, wraps and gloves to cosmetic treatments.
Make your hair a source of pride, call us to book your session healthy hair treatment.

Let a healthy hair clinic be your partner to improving the appearance and texture of your hair.

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